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Story Time

Hey bud, we’re so stoked you’re here. Talking about feelings can be awkward af, but we’ve got you. 

Let us tackle the touchy-feely stuff so you can get back to your sesh asap. We want to maintain your trust and for you to feel at home here. Let’s face it, in a sea of green brands selling weed right and left, what makes us stand out? 

The answer is simple my dude. It’s the people like you who resonate with asking for more.

Life can be hard at times. From hoarded toilet paper to Kim and Kanye breaking up, we are right there beside you when the constant face-palms become too much.

High Maintenance is here to spark joy, remind you to take it easy, to say no when it feels right, and saying f*** yeah when it feels right, too. 

We are here to help you #MaintainYourHigh  your terms. Whatever that looks like, consider us a part of it. It’s okay to be a little High Maintenance. 

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